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The Man with the Magic Box in the line-up of Reel Suspects

by Fabien Lemercier

 – Start of pre-sales at Toronto for the new film by Polish filmmaker Bodo Kox, showcased in Work in Progress at Karlovy Vary

The Man with the Magic Box by Bodo Kox (© Bartosz Mrozowski)

The Man with the Magic Box, the new film by talented Polish filmmaker Bodo Kox, will be the headliner at the Toronto Film Festival (from 7 to 17 September) for the French company Reel Suspects. The company is led by Matteo Lovadina and will launch the sales for the film in Canada. Showcased in July in Work in Progress at Karlovy Vary, this feature film (whose script has been written by the director) begins in a close and dystopian future. By moving into an old building and listening to a strange radio he finds in a closet, Adam travels in time back to the 1950s. But what begins as a hallucination or a dream becomes a politically subversive reality that threatens his existence in 2030.

The Man with the Magic Box is an amazing film, very creative and original, with a cinematographic approach that surpasses boundaries,” highlights Matteo Lovadina. “The female character at the centre of the story fits in perfectly with this new movement that places women in the foreground, devoid of sexualisation, a heroine, a woman who inverts conventional roles. This film also reinforces our traditional attachment to avant-garde Polish directors, following Demon [+] de Marcin Wrona, and our editorial line, which has always focused on films from European genres.”

Icon of off-beat Polish cinema (Marco P. and the Bike Thieves, Doppelganger), Bodo Kox moved into the mainstream in 2013 with his previous opus The Girl from the Wardrobe [+], unveiled at Karlovy Vary and which, among other awards, notably took home the Eagle for Discovery of the Year at the Polish Film Awards in 2014.

With Piotr Palak and Olga Boladz in the lead roles, The Man with the Magic Box, which is currently in the final stages of post-production, has been produced by the Poles of Alter Ego Pictures and the Italians of Vargo Film, and has notably been supported by the Polish Film Institute and Creative Europe – Media Development.

The line-up of Reel Suspects at Toronto also includes the Portuguese production Levianoby Justin Amorim (a debut feature film on adolescents who join forces to find two family members who mysteriously disappeared on the same night), the Latvian psychological thriller Firstborn by Aik Karapetian (whose international premiere will take place next Thursday in Paris at the L’Etrange Festival), the Spanish film Black Hollow Cage by Sadrac González-Perellón (Prix du Jury this summer at BiFan – the fantasy film festival of Puchon, and which will be in competition at Sitges in October), and Children of the Night [+] by the Italian Andrea de Sica (crowned best young director by his country’s cinema journalists at the Nastri d’Argento 2017).

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