Company Profile

REEL SUSPECTS is a multi-faceted “all rights” distribution company, specialized in art house fare, ranging from genre and niche films  (such as Cults and Video Arts, Thrillers, LGBT, Erotic), with an eye on emerging filmmakers. Our editorial line is based on a real passion for photography and eye-catching cinematography.

REEL SUSPECTS is devoted to bringing a new cost-effective business model to its partners from all over the world, in the context of an international market changing forever towards new directions, and specialized niches constantly growing and evolving. Promoting films in a new and different way, with an eye on newcomers and focusing on innovative marketing approaches might be the final goals of REEL SUSPECTS.

Extended from first-timers directors to revered cinema masters, the ever growing REEL SUSPECTS’ catalogue already presents some classic films from better-known directors, such as “Futures Vedettes” by Marc Allegret, one of Brigitte Bardot’s first main roles, as well as the “Alain Robbe-Grillet Collection”, restored in HD and “Chris Marker Collection.”

REEL SUSPECTS wishes to constitute a significant back catalogue thanks to a solid relationship with prestigious producers. With the growth of new media, the back catalogue represents a precious asset.

REEL SUSPECTS extends over new technologies and competitive strategies to find new audiences and networks.

REEL SUSPECTS is decided to try out a new form of representing films, while limiting costs.

  1. Participation in markets. With the amount of information that we are exposed to today, it can be unproductive to present the same slate several times to the same person. Action: reduce to essential markets.
  2. The Industry is going toward the tapeless era. Action: reduce the delivery costs both for the distributor and the producer using new files and containers that maintain a high quality standard.
  3. Producers are worried about recoupable expenses. Action: to cut to the minimum the recoupable expenses. If one special expense has to be done, it will be shared between us and the producer.
  4. Web 2.0 is the key to good communication. Action: intensify the use. Reduce the prospecting costs. Action: reduce the expensive send out of DVDs by using VOD platforms.

In the future, the company is seeking to acquire around 6 to 8 new films and 1 or 2 projects a year, in order to carry out customized schemes to generate new talents and stimulate emerging directors. REEL SUSPECTS will attend most key festivals and markets, including, among others Rotterdam, Berlin, Cannes, Tokyo, Toronto, Mipcom and Rome.

6, avenue Rachel | 75018 – Paris | FRANCE