Kept Boy

Directed By : George Bamber

USA / 2016 / 89 min

Cast :

Jon Paul Phillips, Thure Riefenstein , Greg Audino, Deosick Burney

Produced By :

Kept Boy LLC (Laura Reich, Haley Christensen, Ben Simons, George Bamber)

Music by :

Darryl John Hannan

Language :


Festivals :


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Synopsis :

For Dennis’ thirteith birthday, his sugar daddy said the three words no kept boy wants to hear, “get a job.”
Interior Designer/Reality Show star Farleigh Knock has a knack for keeping beautiful things, like adonic Dennis, around his home. So when Fairleigh gives him the unthinkable ultimatum for his 30th birthday, to get a job or get out, Dennis goes from Kept Boy to Lost Man. George Bamber directs this Dark Gay Comedy that shows life with a sugar daddy is bittersweet. KEPT BOY is based on a book by Robert Rodi, a novelist famous for his gay satires of queer archetypes. Bamber and company apply a post queer take on Rodi’s twisty and hilarious romp. By examining the life of a kept boy who on his thirtieth birthday is given the ultimatum by his sugar daddy of get a job or get out, the viewer is shown the deeper relationship of love to dependency. In a post gay marriage world, where vestiges of a minority cultures’ sexual mores remain, straights and gays are asked to examine the meaning of love and discover the secrets of keeping it.

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