Deus Irae

Directed By : Pedro Cristiani

Argentina / 2024 / 85 min

Cast :

Pablo Ragoni, Gastón Ricaud, Sabrina Macchi, Agustín Rittano, Jorge Prado

Produced By :

Molino Studio

Music By :

Pablo Isola

Language :


Festivals :

Mar Del Plata IFF – Official Selection, BIFFF – Official Selection, Night Visions Festival – Official Selection, Horrorant Film Festival Fright Nights – Official Selection, Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival – Official Selection, PUFA – Official Selection

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Synopsis :

Father Javier lives a fractured existence— he visits families who claim to have witnessed miracles or even the Devil at work, and his duty is to debunk the sightings, to give them a rational explanation. But every time he comes close to the Demonic, Javier loses time. And when he returns to his senses, he finds that the families he was helping have been brutally murdered. Struggling to keep his sanity together, Javier finds a connection in every crime scene. A sign that belongs to a congregation of outcast priests that devote their lives to hunt the possessed down and exorcise them on their own terms. Convinced that they are the actual murderers, Javier starts losing his own perception of reality. Until he comes face to face with Father Marcos and Sister Helena, who give him a choice…

Father Javier can keep struggling, trying to understand the horrors of what is real, or he can join them into becoming a blasphemous guardian, the necessary evil. A DEUS IRAE.

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