Mystery of the Night

Directed By : Adolfo Borinaga Alix Jr.

The Philippines / 2019 / 106 min

Cast :

Solenn Heussaff, Benjamin Alves, Gina Alajar, Elizabeth Oropesa, Allan Paule

Produced By :

Throne Room Productions

Music By :


Language :


Festivals :
Fantasia IFF – In Competition

Sitges IFF – Official selection

Brooklyn Horror IFF – Official selection

Kyoto Historica IFF – Official selection

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Synopsis :

1900 colonial Philippines. During the time of Spanish tyranny and oppression, a woman raised in the enchanted woods by nymphs experiences love for the first time from a man from town. When she is later betrayed and experiences heartbreak, hell hath no fury indeed like a woman scorned as she transforms into the mythical aswang out to avenge her pain and let the man suffer forever.

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