Directed By : Patricia Ryczko

Poland / 2024 / 95 min

Cast :

Kasia Borek, Karolina Micula, Julia Polaczek, Marieta Zukowska

Produced By :

Storygeist Film

Music By :

Jimmy Svennson

Language :


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Synopsis :

Sonja (41) is a housewife, apparently uneducated, who is responsible for raising her daughter, MIA (10). Sonja is also in a civil partnership with Adela (27), which she hides in fear from everyone. We find ourselves in a near future where the policies of an authoritarian eastern bloc government have created a nightmare digital dictatorship. Citizen Passes have come into use, allowing or prohibiting citizens from accessing public services and personal freedom.
One day, Sonja’s Citizen Pass stops working. This prevents all her freedom, including being able to raise her daughter. Sonja goes to Warsaw to the Ministry of Supervision. However, she does not even realize that during her visit her past will be revealed, which she desperately tried to hide from the state from fear of being persecuted as a terrorist.
Like Joan of Arc, she is forced to find the unbreakable strength within herself to fight alone for truth, liberty and for her daughter. Will conformism win or will her freedom come at the cost of what’s most dear to her – her daughter?

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