Directed By : Victor Matellano

Spain / 2014 / 79 min

Technical Details :

Cast :

Jimmy Shaw, Denis Rafter, Alito Rodgers, Yolanda Font, Almudena Leon

Produced By :

Old cinema project

Music By :

Sergio Jiménez Lacima

Language :


Festivals & Awards :

Festivals :

Official Selection – Nocturna
Official Selection – Santa Fe Independant FF
Official Selection – Rojo Sangre
Official Selection – Zinema Zombie Festival de Bogotá
Official Selection – Inferno Horror Film Festival Mexico

Downloads :

Downloads :


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Synopsis :

Young journalist Mike gets an assignment to spend one whole evening in a spooky wax museum. Initially believing to be alone inside the place, Mike eventually finds himself being terrorized by the malevolent presence of sadistic cannibal surgeon Dr. Knox.

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