Wet Monday

Directed By : Justyna Mytnik

Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic / 2024 / 84 min

Cast :

Carlijn Van Zijtveld, Wilma Bakker, Raymond Thiry, Patrick Linotte, Hilt De Vos, Hendriktje Ruiter, Michael Helmerhorst, Victoria Omelczuk

Produced By :

Moskito Film

Music By :

Rogier Bosschaart, Eric Lensink, Jeroen Tenty

Language :


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Synopsis :

Klara (15) was raped by a masked boy on Wet Monday, a traditional Polish Easter festivity popular with teenagers. Almost a year later, nine days before the trauma anniversary, Klara starts to suffer from an acute fear of water. Her older sister, Marta, advises her to ignore the problem and focus on attending Wet Monday, but Klara is determined to find a cure. Seeking healing, Klara experiments with esoteric healing rituals with her new friend Diana. The film is a captivating story, exploring the challenges of adolescence, the journey toward
recovery from trauma, and the healing power of empathy.

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