The Three

Directed By :
Anna Melikyan

Russia / 2020 / 127 min

Cast :

Konstantin Khabensky, Viktoria Isakova, Yulia Peresid

Produced By :

Magnum Film Company, Natella Krapivina, Artem Vasilyev.

Music By :

Konstantin Poznekov

Language :


Festivals :

Tallinn POFF – In Competition

Sofia IFF – In Competition

Shanghai IFF – Official Selection

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Synopsis :

What is one to do when one has a wife, with whom life and cohabitation are well established, and even quarrels do not exist anymore? There are memories, a common past, a lot of good things and lots of nothings, all in all it’s just life, just like everyone else’s. And suddenly love comes into the life of this man. What should one do in this situation?

There are only three characters in this film. Veronica is a tour guide, she hosts thematic excursions “Mystical St.Petersburg”, writes poetry, though she does not consider herself a poet. Alexander is a TV star, a comedian. The most popular late-night show host in the country. The hero of the gossip column, the winner of all kinds of People of the Year and Men of the Year and everything else. In life, a quiet henpecked, who is quite deeply depressed at the beginning of the film. Zlata is Alexander’s wife. Successful, renowned psychologist. She is very strong-willed, clear-cut, self-confident, the author of the bestseller “I Can and Will Achieve!” Veronica and Zlata are two opposites.

The film unfolds in two cities and in Alexander’s endless movements between them. Each of the cities is associated with one of the women.

Why was all this necessary? Ultimately, there are no chance encounters, coincidences, and chance intersections. These three crossed, so that, of course, each would bring changes to the other, in order to go further, to continue this path, but already becoming a little different, going through love and maybe even giving up love.

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