Red Screening

Directed By : Maximiliano Contenti

Uruguay – Argentina / 2020 / 84 min

Cast :

Luciana Grasso, Ricardo Islas

Produced By :

Yukoh Films, Pensa y Rocca Producciones

Music By :

Hernan Gonzalez

Language :



HARD:LINE IFF – In Competition

Sitges IFFF – Official Selection

Mar del Plata IFF – In Competition

La Habana IFF – In Competition

Ramaskrik IFF – In Competition

Celluloid Screams IFF – In Competition

Soho Horror IFF – In Competition

Exground IFF – Official Selection

Isla Calavera IFF – In Competition

Feratum IFF – In Competition

Grimmfest Xmas Horror Nights – Official Selection

Night Visions FF – Official Selection

Imagine Film Festival – Official Selection

Panic Film Festival – In Competition

Fant Bilbao Fantastic Film Festival – Official Selection


Best Iberoamerican Film @ Curtas Festival do Imaxinario

Watch the Trailer :

Synopsis :

The 90’s. Everything seems to indicate that the little attended screening of a cinema will pass peacefully. But the rain brings a silent killer into the room. The young woman in charge of the screening will have to face this threat if she wants to save her and the audience’s lives.

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