Directed By : Bilguun Chuluundorj

Mongolia / 2024 / 90 min

Cast :

Tsenguun Chingis, Puruvjargal Erdenebileg, Bazarragchaa Bymbajav, Batbaatar Batkhuleg, Odgerel Bat-Orshikh, Dashnamjil Iderjavkhlan, Sukhbaatar Sukhbat, Unubold Enkhbaatar, Oyun Erdene Oyunsuren, Anudari Sereenenbazar, Anujin Sereenenbazar, Bumbayr Bymbasuren, Maralgoo Naranbaatar

Produced By :

Tsars Khuukhdiin Zuslan, Xac Media, Trend Artsist

Music By :

Bymbatsogt Nandivsuren

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Synopsis :

In a remote corner of the world, a group of troubled youths finds themselves whisked away to a mysterious military base after a series of misbehaviors. Expecting little more than a stern reprimand, they are instead thrust into a world of secrets and shadows.

In a desperate bid for freedom, they must unravel the mysteries of the base and confront the sinister forces that lurk in the shadows. But with time running out and danger lurking around every corner, the odds of survival grow slimmer by the minute.

Courage, strength, and sacrifice, would they finally escape the clutches of the base and emerge from the darkness into the light?

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