The Ballad of Piargy

Directed By : Ivo Trajkov

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Macedonia / 2021 / 100 min

Cast :

Attila Mokoš, Judit Bárdos, Daniel Fischer, Lucia Klein Svoboda

Produced By :

Silvia Panáková, Erik Panák

Music By :

Kiril Džajkovski

Language :


Festivals :

Cottbus FF – Official Selection, Eastern Neighbours FF – Official Selection

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Synopsis :

In spring of 1939, the Bishop in Banská Bystrica finds out that in the village of Piargy, which had been buried by an avalanche a few days ago, the Antichrist was born. The bishop calls on priest Baláž and asks him to investigate the statements of Johanka, the only survivor of the catastrophe. Baláž wants to know exactly what happened in Piargy. Did Antichrist return to the world or is it Johanka’s imagination, the only survivor from an avalanche that hit Piargy and destroyed all life? Hlinka’s Guards under the windows speak for themselves…

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