Directed By : Gallien Guibert

France / 2023 / 80 min

Cast :

Paul Hamy, Suliane Brahim de la Comédie Française, Françoise Lebrun, Sam Louwyck

Produced By :

Main Films, Mstream Studios, Agent Double, Cinq sur Sync, Rumble Fish

Music By :

Camille Delafon

Language :


Festivals :
Fancine Málaga – Fanzriller Section

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Synopsis :

Orphaned at birth, Jean abandons his wife and infant child, believing that he is protecting them from his criminal double life. He then commits the unthinkable: stealing Dante, a drug lord in Paris who had protected him until then. The hunt will lead him to the French West Coast, where he hopes to find a skipper who can help him escape France illegally. But thrust into a past that will reopen his wounds and as the departure approaches, his frantic odyssey will bring him back to the fatherhood he was fleeing.

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