Club Zeus

Directed By : David Verbeek

The Netherlands & China / 2011 / 75 min / Completed

Cast :

Ray Zhao, Zheng Qi, Yan Li Ping, Fu Ran

Produced By :

Revolver Media & Les Petites Lumières

Music By :

Martijn De Wit

Language :

Chinese (Mandarin)

Festival :

Official Selection Rotterdam IFF 2011 Bright Future

Award :

Return Of The Riger Award Rotterdam IFF 2011

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Synopsis :

Leonardo works as a host in Club Zeus in Shanghai. Host boys, like host girls, fulfill the need of attention, friendship and love. But whereas with host girls it is mostly about sex, with host boys the goal is to steal the hearts of their clients. Leonardo’s day starts when night falls and ends at sunrise spending many hours a day to maintain the ‘relationships’ with the women. One day Sly arrives. Sly was once one of the best selling hosts of Club Zeus, but left one year ago without further notice. Sly returned to convince Leonardo to quit hosting, but the owner of Club Zeus doesn’t let her young talent leave that easily. Sly decides to work one last time as a host, in order to earn enough to buy Leonardo’s freedom. But the moment sly turns on his cell phones, text messages from all the desperate women come flooding in.

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