Cat and Mouse

Directed By : Maartje Seyferth & Victor Nieuwenhuijs

The Netherlands / 2014 / 90 min / Completed

Cast :

Carlijn Van Zijtveld, Wilma Bakker, Raymond Thiry, Patrick Linotte, Hilt De Vos, Hendriktje Ruiter, Michael Helmerhorst, Victoria Omelczuk

Produced By :

Moskito Film

Music By :

Rogier Bosschaart, Eric Lensink, Jeroen Tenty

Language :


Festivals :


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Synopsis :

Belle, a young girl is growing up amidst the ruins of long forgotten events. Unknowingly, cycling through the forlorn and romantic fields around her isolated community, she rediscovers her shameful family history that lies at the root of her existence. Her playful character and young innocent love for her boyfriend Max become stained by a nonverbal tension that envelops the small town. And threatens her sexual awakening. The death of her aunt, whom she lives with, unleashes memories which entangle her in complex, unspoken feelings. When her estranged mother returns there is no way back. Cat and Mouse is a surreal drama about unconditional love ruined by manipulation and lies.

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