Eden and After

Directed By : Alain Robbe-Grillet

France, Czechoslovakia / 1970 / 93 min / Completed

Cast :

Catherine Jourdan, Lorraine Rainer, Sylvain Corthay, Richard Leduc, Pierre Zimmer, Ludovít Króner, Jarmila Kolenicová, Juraj Kukura, Catherine Robbe-Grillet, Lorraine Castel

Produced By :

Como Film, Studio Hraných Filmov Bratislava – Samy Halfon

Music By :

Michel Fano

Language :


Festivals :

Official Competition : Berlin International Film Festival 1970

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Synopsis :

A group of boys and girls is imagining all kinds of games, from mock robberies to mock murders. A stranger comes along and introduces the most beautiful of the girls to a delirious experience of romance, exoticism and death.

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