Directed By : Laurent Bouhnik

France / 2009 / 102 min / Completed

Cast :

Déborah Révy, Hélène Zimmer, Gowan Didi, Johnny Amaro, Christelle Benoit, Patrick Hautier, Johan Libéreau, Désirée Cyganek, Lise Kerverdo, Bernez Moal, Margot Heurtematte, Laëtitia Belliccinni, Fabien Ara, Claire Guillamaud, Yassine Azzouz, Brice Fournier, Noémie Leroux, Christine Martin, Bernard Vergne, Patrick Zocco, Mick Gondouin, Laurence Wayser, Jean-Philippe Roilette

Produced By :

Acajou Films – Climax Films // Pascal Judelewicz, Ludi Boeken, Chica Benadava & Laurent Bouhnik

Music By :

Ernest Saint Laurent

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Synopsis :

Sex is the outcome of all the most beautiful love stories. Sex is the best way to express love to the loved ones. Sex is not just about pleasure. “Q” is primarily a love story, a film about love and physical perception of feelings. Not just any love but that emotion that carries two people to blend together. “Q” is about the desire to get lost into the loved one skin, sweat, moods, the urge to merge with the body of the beloved, and through the pleasure they become one.

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