La Fortaleza

Directed By : Jorge Thielen Armand

Venezuela / 2020 / 108 min

Cast :

Jorge Thielen Hedderich, Carlos “Fagua” Medina, Yoni Naranjo, Leudys Naranjo

Produced By :

La Faena Films

Music By :

Leila Bordreuil

Language :



Rotterdam IFF – In Competition

Cartagena IFF – Official Selection

Busan IFF – Official Selection

Cairo IFF – Official Selection

Biarritz IFF – In Competition

Guadalajara IFF – In Competition

Cork IFF – Official Selection

Minsk Listapad IFF – In Competition

Gijon IFF – In Competition

Festival de la ville de Québec – Official Selection

Filmar en America Latina – In Competition

Pantalla Latina – In Competition

Panorama du cinéma colombien – Official Selection

Festival de cine venezolano – In Competition

Santa Barbara IFF – In Competition

La Habana IFF – In Competition

La Casa Encedida – Official Selection

Mostra de Cinema da America Latina – Official Selection


Special Mention @ Biarritz IFF

Best Actor @ Festival de cine venezolano

Special Mention @ Rome Independent IFF

Best Film & Best Actor @ Festival de mémoire commune de Nador

Best Film, Best Director & Best Photography @ Festival de la Critica Cimematographica

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Synopsis :

To escape the crisis in Venezuela, and his alcoholism, Roque retreats into the Amazon jungle to renovate a cabin he built during happier times. He struggles with feverish visions caused by alcohol abstinence, and his desire for redemption becomes distorted when he joins old friends to work in an illegal gold mine controlled by Colombian guerrillas. The violence required to work in the mine plunges Roque into a cycle of self-destruction that devours his interior. He will need the fortitude to get out and start anew. (La Fortaleza is based on the true story of the filmmaker’s father, who also stars in the film as himself).

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