Directed By : Maartje Seyferth & Victor Nieuwenhuijs

The Netherlands / 2010 / 86 min / Completed

Cast :

Titus Muizelaar, Nellie Benner, Kitty Courbois, Hugo Metsers, Wilma Bakker, Gurkan Gucuksenturk, Elvira Out, Frans Bakker, Jasper Van Beusekom, Ali Sultan, Eric Van Wijk, Guido Paulsen, Taco Schenkhuizen, Titus Muizelaar

Produced By :

Moskito Film

Music By :

Willem Cramer

Language :


Festivals :

World première: Rotterdam Iff

Best Cinematography Award : Gotham Screen Iff, New York

Best Film Award : Best Actor Deboshirfilm, St. Petersburg

In Competition: Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands

Official Selection: Bafici, Argentina

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Synopsis :

A butcher and a butchery, both look perfectly normal. The delivery arrives in the morning, the butcher prepares the meat as it should be.  Not many clients though. It’s more like his fantasy world, his asylum, here he can live out his sexual fantasies, here he can play out his dark side and forget about the miserable life he has. There is Roxy, the young girl in the butchery. She’s videoing everything as part of her search for answers, her limits, her life. And the butcher gets into her head, she gets into his. There is the inspector. A man with a miserable life at a point where he doesn’t want to prove or   improve anything anymore. Not much different than the butcher. A bit bigger, but they’re sharing the same face. Then the inspector, investigating the mysterious death of the butcher after it happened or maybe while it happens, gets involved with Roxy…

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