Directed By : Zoltan Miklosy
Co-Directed By : Attila Herko

Hungary / 2014 / 90 min

Cast :

Andy Hefler, Marc McMenemy, Patrick Mullownay, Alexis Latham, Mark West, Daniel Hamvas, Sebastian Cooper, Peter Linka, Ike Nygaard, Karoly Hamza

Produced By :

Umatik Entertainment

Music By :

Matyas Milkovics (IO)

Language :


Festivals :

Annecy FF – Official Selection

Anim’est Bucharest FF – Official Selection

Cinefest Hungary – Official Selection

Bifan – Official Selection

Anima Festival Belgium – Official Selection

Monstra Festival (Lisbon) – Official Selection

Animania – Grossmann – Official Selection

Midnight Animation – Anifilm – Official Selection

Anim’est Romania FF – Official Selection

Animasiros 8.0 – In Competition

Cottbus – In Competition

Olympia Washington – In Competition

AnimaxMacedonia – In Competition

FanCiné Malaga – In Competition

Award :

Sensum Award @ Montreal International Animation FF

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Synopsis :

The story is about an inmate just released from jail, who spent two weeks in prison for a crime he did not commit and now seek revenge. The movie leads the viewer through lively adventures involving the Chineese Dragon clan, illegal cage fighting, bank robbery and thousands of their exciting moments. But there is a turn at the end the main characters have to face that will keep even the most avid action movie fans on their toes. Instinctly sarcastic, cynical, moving and of course highly entertaining, Manieggs is a movie for those who know what lies behind stereotypes.

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