Directed By : Lee Madsen

USA / 2012 / 91 min / Completed

Cast :

Matthew Hutchinson, Genevieve Cortese, Ryan Donowho, Chris Riggi, Augustus Prew, Elaine Hendrix, John Doe, Ellen Woglom

Produced By :

Royal We Films

Music By :

John Degraye

Language :


Awards :

Best Director : Lee Madsen – Willifest 2011

Best Cinematography : Peter Zeitlinger – Willifest 2011

Best Actress : Genevieve Cortese – Willifest 2011

Outstanding Achievement In Screenwriting : Maria Lorenzo – Willifest 2011

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Synopsis :

NYC post 9-11: not since the early 80s has the underground music scene attracted so much attention. A young rock group finds itself on the verge of making it big with the help of their friends. In the whirlwind of music industry fury, the guys need to choose: go with big time manager and publicist or stick with those loyal friends who got them here. Hated explores the human craving for fame and fortune, the ease with which we are able to use and abuse those closest to us, and the desire to feel that you’re not hated. Based on a true story, hated provides an inside look at the music industry today.

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