Day & Night

Directed By : Sabine Derflinger

Austria / 2011 / 101 min

Cast :

Anna Rot, Magdalena Kronschläger, Philipp Hochmair, Martina Spitzer, Adrian Topol, Manuel Rubey, Martin Brambach

Produced By :

Eva TestorMobilefilm Produktion

Music By :

Gil Chéri, Gilbert Handler, Petra Zopnek

Language :


Festivals :

Official Selection : Chennai IFF

Official Selection : Athens International Film and Video Festival (USA)

Awards :

Best Lead Actress New York City IFF

Best Actress / Best Sound Editing Austrian Film Award

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Synopsis :

Lea and Hanna, are university students in Vienna. They need a job to make some money on the side. They could always wait tables—but call girls earn more. So why not work for an escort service and make a lot of money? They’ve already had plenty of bad sex, but were never paid for it. The two young women start to consider prostitution an adventure, until reality catches up with them.

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