My Name is Baghdad

Directed By : Caru Alves de Souza

Brazil / 2020 / 96 min

Technical Details :

Cast :

Grace Orsato, Karina Buhr, Marie Maymone, Helena Luz, Gilda Nomacce, Paulette Pink

Produced By :

Manjericão Filmes

Language :


Festivals & Awards :

Festivals :

Berlinale – Official Selection

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Synopsis :

Baghdad is a 17-year-old female skater, who lives in Freguesia do Ó, a working-class neighborhood in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Baghdad skateboards with a group of male friends and spends a lot of time with her family and with her mother’s friends. Together, the women around her form a network of people who are out of the ordinary. When Baghdad meets a group of female skateboarders, her life suddenly changes.

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