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Directed By : Luna Gualano

ITALY / 2018 / 86 min / Completed

Technical Details :

Cast :

Antonio Bannó, Sidy Diop, Awa Koundoul, Papi Momar Diop, Shiek Dauda, Cyril Dorand, Nzeugang Domche, Wajeeh Jaber, Mounis Firwana

Produced By :

La Zona

Music By

Emiliano Rubbi – Eugenio Vicedomini

Language :


Festivals & Awards :

Festivals :

Rome Film Fest 2018
Trieste Science+Fiction 2018

Awards :

Lazio Film Commission Award – Rome Film Fest

Downloads :

Downloads :

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Synopsis :

In the course of a demonstration in Rome against the opening of a refugee center, an apocalypse of zombies breaks out. Enrico, an ultra-rightist young man lying on his identity, finds refuge in the center. The only safe place for him is this refugee camp that he did not want, while the dead are walking outside.

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