Directed By : Inrasothythep Neth & Sokyou Chea

Cambodia / 2024 / 88 min

Cast :

Thanet Thorn, Yoshihiko Hosoda, Socheata Sveng, Mony Rous, Katsuya Maiguma

Produced By :

Westec Media, Kongchak Pictures

Music By :

Jean-Charles Bastion

Language :

Khmer, English, Japanese

Awards :
Best Production Design – HIFF
Festivals :
IFF Rotterdam 2024 – Big Screen Competition, Osaka Asian Film Festival – Official Selection, Luxembourg City Film Festival – Official Selection, HIFF – Official Selection, Horrorant Film Festival – Official Selection, Seattle International Film Festival – Official Selection

Watch the Trailer :

Synopsis :

Following the death of her mother, a Japanese-Cambodian manga artist decides to travel to Cambodia along with her boyfriend, in a quest to find out more about the country her mother fled. She reunites with lost family and moves into the apartment where her mother used to live. As she tries to find out more about her past, she’s confronted to strange events within the building that hint at something darker going on with the residents. What first appears as over-caring considerations from the community towards the new comers soon turns out to be part of a ritual. The residents are preparing a new host for the building’s evil spirit, before it starts killing them once again.

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