Directed By : Takeshi Kushida

Japan / 2023 / 94 min

Cast :

Akane Ono, Mone Shitara, Takuma Izumi

Produced By :

Pyramid Film

Music By :

Masateru Nishikata and Hitoshi Fushimi

Language :


Awards :
Best International Feature Film – Lusca Film Festival, Best FX Makeup – Freakshow Horror Film Festival, Best Sci-Fi Feature, Best Cinematography and Best Sound Design – New York City Horror Film Festival
Festivals :
Skip City International D-Cinema Festival – International Competition, London FrightFest – Official Selection, Screamfest – Official Selection, Freak Show Horror Film Festival – Official Selection, Trieste Science+Fiction Festival – Official Selection, Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival – Official Selection,  Lusca Fantastic Film Fest – Official Selection, FilmQuest Film Festival – Official Selection, Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival – Official Selection, Be Afraid Horror Fest – Official Selection, New York City Horror Film Festival – Official Selection, Fantaspoa – Official Selection

Watch the Trailer :

Synopsis :

Hitomi, a cello instructor and single mother, is asked by her daughter Eri, her sole other family member, to perform with her as a duet at her school concert. They perform magnificently, but during the performance, Eri suddenly senses through her Mother’s tone and playing that she had always regretted giving birth to her. On the drive back home, Eri confronts Hitomi about this, which upsets the Mother and driver so much that she causes a major car accident, from which they emerge badly injured. Hitomi loses her eyesight, Eri is now paralyzed from the neck down. Hitomi in desperation finds a new, still experimental artificial eye in the form of a new contact lens device that restores her vision. Eri meanwhile gets depressed in her paralyzed state and despairs for euthanasia. Hitomi comes up with the idea of helping her daughter live a quality life again by combining her new contact lens eyes with VR goggles connecting their two eyesights through web transmission, and Eri can once again enjoys life by moving around the world through her mother’s eyes, and experiencing even the joys of making love to a man…

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