Across the River

Directed By : Lorenzo Bianchini

Italy / 2013 / 102 min / Completed

Technical Details :

Cast :

Marco Marchese, Renzo Gariup, Lidia Zabrieszach

Produced By :

Collective Pictures

Music By :

Stefano Sciascia

Language :

Italian / Slovenian

Festivals & Awards :

Festivals :
  • Taormina FF – Official Selection
  • Fantasia IFF – Official Competition
  • Cinestrange FF – Official Selection
  • Telluride Horror Show FF – Official Selection
  • Sitges FF – Official Selection
  • Ravena Nightmare FF – Official Selection
  • Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei – Official Selection
  • Trieste Film Festival – Science+Fiction – Official Selection
  • Monster Fest – Official Selection
  • Tohorror Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Omaha Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Gerardmer Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Film Video Monitor – Official Selection
  • Abertoir Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Horrorant film festival – Official Selection
  • Festival des Maudits Films – Official Selection
  • Scary Movie 7 New York – Official Selection
  • Festival Du Cinema Italian – Official Selection
Awards :
  • Fantasia IFF – Special Mention
  • Cinestrange – Best Feature Film
  • Ravenna Nightmare FF – Best Feature Film
  • Tohorror – Best Feature Film
  • Molins De Rei – Best Director and Youth Jury Award
  • Omaha Film Festival – Honorable Mention

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Synopsis :

A naturalist reaches the wooded areas of eastern Friuli, on the border with Slovenia to carry out his usual work. He observes wild boars and deers, looks for traces of predators, maintenances traps and cameras scattered over the forests. Looking at the computer filming the webcam on a fox, he realizes that the animal comes close to the ruins of abandoned houses in the inner part of the forest. The next day he goes in search of those houses. Bad weather continues to rage making inaccessible his way back. Fragments of a distant past emerge from the darkness. The rain is relentless, and pushes him to seek a shelter in the houses of the abandoned village. Inhuman screams echoing, now near, among the streets of the ghost village.

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