Break My Fall

Directed By : Kanchi Wichmann

U.K. / 2011 / 116 min

Technical Details :

Cast :

Kai Brandon Ly, Collin Clay Chace, Sophie Anderson, Kat Redstone

Produced By :

Matteo Rolleri, Kanchi Wichmann And Billy Wiz, Alex Thiele

Music By :

Micachu, Plug, Wet Dog, Peggy Sue, Sam Amant, Alan Mx, Old Favourites, The Raincoats Plus Scout Niblett And Numbers, Sally And Liza’s Band Blanket

Language :


Festivals & Awards :

Festivals :

London Lesbian And Gay FF

Milano Mix FF

Barcelona Queer FF

Women FF Creteil

Awards :

Best Director First Glance FF

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Synopsis :

Three days in the lives of four friends. The moment when everything changes forever. Liza hovers precariously between change and self–destruction, between leaving her doomed relationship with girlfriend sally and finding success with their band, blanket. Sally works nights in a dead end job, clings to her fantasies of a better life and ignores the chaos all around her. Vin works as a rent boy, is secretly in love with sally and in denial about everything else. Jamie works nights in a gay cabaret bar, but longs to break free of his friends and their drug-infested dramas and settle down with a nice man. In the three days leading up to Liza’s 25th birthday things finally come to a head between Liza and sally. After a failed birthday dinner the four friends are plunged into emotional meltdown at an illegal rave.

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