Directed By : Justin Amorim

Portugal / 2018 / 102 min

Cast :

Diana Marquês Guerra; Anabela Teixeira; Alba Baptista; Mikaela Lupu; José Fidalgo; João Mota; Ruben Rua; Pedro Barroso; Alda Gomes; Inês Aguiar; Joana Aguiar; João Pedro Correia; Vítor Silva Costa; Gabriella Brooks; Leonardo Martins

Produced By :

Promenade Productions

Music By :

André Espada

Language :



Thessaloniki IFF – Official Selection

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Synopsis :

Adelaide, Carolina and Julia Paixão are three sisters whose life is turned upside down after their mother Anita mysteriously goes missing during her 50th birthday party. They join forces with the new brothers in town – Eduardo and Lucas – after discovering their brother also went missing on that same night and embark on a journey of self-discovery towards the unknown. The relationships between these teenagers will be in continuous shift until they find what they are looking for, where they least expect it. The consequences will be tragic, in what will become one of the most controversial crimes ever committed in Portugal.

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