We are the flesh

Directed By : Emiliano Rocha Minter

Mexico / 2016 / 80 min

Technical Details :

Cast :

Noé Hernández, María Evoli, Diego Gamaliel

Produced By :


Music By :


Language :


Festivals & Awards :

Festivals :

-Rotterdam IFFR (Official Selection)
-Neuchâtel IFF (Official Selection)
-Fantasia IFF (Camera Lucida In Competition)
-Fantastic Fest (Official Selection)
-Sitges IFF (In Competition)
-Fantasy FilmFest (In Competition)
-Oldenburg IFF (Official Selection)
-Frightfest IFF (Official Selection)
-EastEnd IFF (In Competition)
-Mayhem IFF (Official Selection)
-BIFAN (Official Selection)
-Milano Film Festival (Official Selection)
-Morelia IFF (Official Selection)
-Mar del Plata IFF (Official Selection)
-Chicago IFF (Official Selection)
-Thessaloniki IFF (Official Selection)
-Split IFF (Official Selection)
-MotelX (Official Selection)
-L’Etrange FF (Official Selection)
-Strasbourg European Fantastic FF (Official Selection)
-Telluride Horror Show (Official Selection)
-Morbido FF (Official Selection)
-Sydney Underground FF (Official Selection)
-Goa IFF (Official Selection)
-San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy FF (Official Selection)
-Stoned Film Festival (Official Selection)
-Denver IFF (Official Selection)
-Molodist IFF (Official Selection)
-Goa IFF (Official Selection)
-Festival Cine Fantastico A Coruna FKM (In Competition)
-BUT Film Festival (Official Selection)
-Brooklyn Horror Film Festival (In Competition)
-Festival International de Film Grolandais (In Competition)
– KASK CINEMA (Official Selection)
-Belgrade IFF (Official Selection)
-Offscreen FF (Official Selection)
-FicBaq Colombia (Official Selection)
-Haapsalu Horror Film Festival (Official Selection)
-Festival du Film Subversif de Metz (Official Selection)
-Halloween Horror Slovenia (Official Selection)
-Lima Independiente FF (Official Selection)
-Halloween Horror Marathon – Ljubljana (Official Selection)
-Trash WKND (Official Selection)


Best Actor @ Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

Breaktrough Female Performance @ 59th Ariel Awards Ceremony  (“The Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences”)

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Synopsis :

Face to face with (and emerging from) a culture in which cruelty and lust are linked in a shocking way, this debut provides an intense, allegorical vision of an apocalyptic Mexico – one we do not, however, get to see. In a derelict building, a brother and sister become fascinated by an older man.

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