Smaller And Smaller Circles

Directed By : Raya Martin

Philippines / 2017 / 111 min

Technical Details :

Cast :

Nonie Buencamino, Sid Lucero, Carla Humphries, Bembol Roco

Produced By :

TBA Studios

Language :

English & Filipino

Festivals & Awards :

Festivals :

Busan IFF – Official Selection

Downloads :

Downloads :


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Synopsis :

When the eviscerated body of a boy is found in the trash heaps of a thirteen hectare dumpsite, nobody cares enough to notice. A news report might pick up the story, but when the victim is a nameless faceless kid from a poor community – is anybody watching? Father Gus Saenz, a forensic anthropologist and a Jesuit, finds himself caught up in the case as an alarming number of dead pre-teen boys turn up in the dumpsite. Father Gus and his colleague father Jerome have the help of the journalist Joanna Bonifacio as they investigate the murders through the cramped urban landscape of Manila.

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